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Information We Collect

We collect and process both personal and general information. Personal information is data that could identify you, while general information is non-identifiable data.

Your Rights

In compliance with Sri Lankan law and the Asia Pacific Data Protection and Cyber Security regulations, you have the following rights:

For detailed information on these rights, please refer to

Basis for Processing

Our lawful basis for processing is Consent. We process personal data only for specified and lawful purposes, aligned with the reasonable expectations of the individuals concerned, to provide requested services and products.

Information We Collect with Your Consent

By browsing our website or requesting information about our business, job opportunities, products, and services, you consent to us processing personal information. We aim to obtain explicit consent whenever possible.

You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at INFO@REDREL.COM. However, withdrawal may impact your ability to use our website or services.

Information We Process Due to Legal Obligation

We may process your information to comply with statutory obligations, such as providing information to legal authorities with proper authorization.

Specific Uses of Information

Job Application and Employment

If you apply for a job, we may retain your information for up to thirty (30) days. If employed, relevant information will be used for employment-related purposes.

Contacting Support Team

When you contact us, we collect data to provide relevant information and improve our service.

Complaints Handling

We use complaint information to resolve issues and may share necessary details if required. Complaints about website content are investigated, and content may be removed if deemed necessary.

Affiliate and Business Partner Information

Information from affiliates or business partners is used for recognition, commission transfer, and relationship management.

Use of Cookies

Our website uses cookies for various purposes. For detailed information, please refer to our cookie policy at

Personal Identifiers from Browsing Activity

We record information from web browsers for website performance assessment. Combined with previous data, it may identify you personally.

Re-marketing and Profiling

We may use re-marketing and profiling for a customized experience. Contact us at INFO@REDREL.COM to object to such use.

Disclosure and Sharing

We obtain information indirectly from third parties to fulfill service requests.

Access to Your Information

You can request to review or update personally identifiable information by contacting us at INFO@REDREL.COM.

Removal of Information

To remove/delete information, contact us at INFO@REDREL.COM, though this may limit our services.

Encryption of Data

We use certificates for identity verification and data encryption.

Use by Children

We do not sell products or provide services to children under the age of sixteen (16) years old; nor do we market directly to children. Users under 18 need parental consent.

How to Complain

Contact us at INFO@REDREL.COM. If dissatisfied, you can mediate, arbitrate, or complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Retention Period

We retain personal information only as required for services, legal compliance, or defense.

Compliance with the Law

Our privacy policy complies with applicable laws. If concerns arise, please contact us.

Review of Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be updated. The terms applicable are those posted on our website when you use it.

For questions, contact us at INFO@REDREL.COM.